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<translate> see also the Full Installation Instructions for a complete walkthrough for setting up MediaWiki and all dependencies


You can Download SemanticOrganization from GitHub or get it directly with git:

Change to the "extensions" subdirectory of your MediaWiki installation: </translate>

cd extensions

<translate> Clone the repository: </translate>

git clone

<translate> Add the following to LocalSettings.php: </translate>

wfLoadExtension( "SemanticOrganization" );

<translate> Import the default templates, forms and categories: </translate>

php maintenance/importDump.php < extensions/SemanticOrganization/import/semorg_pages.xml

<translate> Cleanup after import: </translate>

php maintenance/rebuildrecentchanges.php
php maintenance/runJobs.php




SemanticOrganization has only been tested with MediaWiki 1.31


SemanticOrganization depends on the following extensions:


SemanticOrganization was developed to work with the Tweeki skin. It might or might not work with other skins.

Recommended configuration settings in LocalSettings.php


# Allow display titles for automatically created page names
$wgRestrictDisplayTitle = false;