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This page is part of semorg's documentation.

How to change the name of a group?

Use the „move“ feature in the dropdown next to the edit button. If you create a redirect (which is the default), existing group meetings will still be associated to the group. However the association could get lost when editing a meeting so you should either edit them manually or use the Replace Text extension.

How to add a field?

  1. Create the property Property:Semorg-<feature>-<field>. You can use Special:CreateProperty (provided by the Page Forms extension). Chose the data type you want to use.
  2. Create MediaWiki:Semorg-field-<feature>-<field>-name.
  3. If needed create MediaWiki:Semorg-field-<feature>-<field>-parameters (or -input-type, -size, -help, -prefix, or -suffix).
  4. If the field should be shown in the form add <field> to MediaWiki:Semorg-form-<feature>-rows.
  5. Create a custom template. Copy Template:Semorg-<feature> to a new page in the template namespace (e.g. Template:Semorg-<feature>-custom).
  6. In order to save the field in the database add the line |<field>={{{<field>|}}} to the call of {{#semorg-set:}}.
  7. If the field's value should be shown in the detail table add the line |<field>={{{<field>|}}} to the call of {{#semorg-table:}}. You can add any formatting you want here.
  8. Point Mediawiki:Semorg-<feature>-template to the newly created template.
  9. If you already created calls to the old template, change them. You can use the Replace Text extension to quickly replace all appearances of {{semorg-<feature> with {{semorg-<feature>-custom.

If the field should be shown in lists

  1. copy the contents of Template:Semorg-<feature>-row to Template:Semorg-<feature>-custom-row
  2. add |?semorg-<feature>-<field>=<field> to the call of {{#semorg-list:}}
    • if you want to change only one specific list, use the row template and headers parameters
    • if you want it for all lists for this feature, change MediaWiki:semorg-list-<feature>-row-template and MediaWiki:semorg-list-<feature>-headers
    • the value for the row template should be <feature>-custom (without “semorg-” and “-row”)

How to change the appearance of a list?

see also the documentation for the {{#semorg-list:}} parser function

List have two parts:

  • Headers
  • Rows, whose contents are controlled by a template.

In most cases you need to change both of them.

default globally (System Messages) single use (Function Parameters) example value
Headers MediaWiki:Semorg-list-<feature>-headers headers group-name, group-description, group-host, group-members
Row template Template:Semorg-<feature>-row MediaWiki:Semorg-list-<feature>-row-template row template <feature>-custom (translates to Template:semorg-<feature>-custom-row

How to allow more than one responsible person for a task?

change the value for input type in MediaWiki:Semorg-field-task-responsible-parameters to tokens and add |list at the end