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These pages are controlled via the main template of a feature.

Building blocks


The parser function {{#semorg-detail:<feature>}} creates a nicely formatted heading (and hides the standard page heading), sets the display title and provides a backlink to the overview page.

Markup Result
  |heading=Detail pages
Detail pages


Markup Result
  |name=Fake name

Fake name


The page details and all other content can be put into tabs with {{#semorg-tabs:<feature>}}. You can either specify the content with |?id=content or link to a template by only using |?id. The naming convention for the template used is semorg-<feature>-<id>-tab.

The text for the tabs can be set with semorg-tab-<feature>-<id>.


Markup Result
  |?tab1=content of first tab
  |?tab2=content of second tab
content of first tab
content of second tab