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Delivery Models

Smart Network

Types of Actors:
  • Resource Providers: providers of financial, human, knowledge, networking, and technological resources, and any brokers or intermediaries that channel these resources to those who want them
  • Competitors: organizations that compete with you for resources, and those that compete to serve the same beneficiaries
  • Complementary Organizations and Allies: players who help you achieve your vision: partners who perform critical steps in your theory of change, players who support the same issue, and those who provide important complementary services
  • Beneficiaries and Customers: clients, patients, customers, and others who benefit from your acitivities, either directly or indirectly
  • Opponents and Troublemakers: these palyers contribute to the problems you are addressing, undermine your ability to achieve your vision, or oppose your efforts politically
  • Affected or Influential Bystanders: this is a catchall category to make you think about players who have no direct impact now, but who are affected by your efforts or who could influence your success

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