Basic Principles

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Enabling Features

Features can be enabled by simply creating an overview page containing a simple template call to {{semorg-<feature>-overview}}.

To make this page easily accessible, you should add a link to the navigation or your main page.

Example: enabling Groups

If you want to enable groups add Groups to Mediawiki:Tweeki-navbar-left.

Click on the new link in the navigation to create the page and add the following content:


Connecting Templates, Forms, Categories

  • the form defines the templates that should be created/edited with it:
    {{{for template|semorg-meeting}}} … {{{end template}}}
  • the template sets the corresponding category:
  • the category sets the form for the pages in the category:


Use system messages to alter the appearance of forms and templates, e.g.

Your custom form

Your custom template

Your custom category